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We all know it can be tricky writing for a business or organisation. The tone of voice used to represent your brand online is an important element of brand messaging. This can be even harder when there are several people responsible for managing an online presence.

Where to start

Quite often techniques that involve taking you away from your desk and sitting round a table with your colleagues, some post-it notes (and a packet of jelly beans or sweet of choice) can work wonders. Once you are all seated comfortably think of your business / organisation as a person. If any of you can draw, sketch out what this person might look like following the description that unfolds.

Use describing words

  1. What is your relationship to your client / service user? For example are you the big brother, wise uncle, teacher or friend
  2. Describe in four or more adjectives what your personality is not
  3. Create a list of other organisations that have similar personalities to you – obviously you will be unique – but are there any that resonate with you all? If it is in a different sector – even better!
  4. Describe how you want your clients to think and talk about you? What is the best word of mouth advertisement you would want to hear?

Gather all this information and your sketch, isolate the adjectives and assemble them in a short paragraph – this describes your tone of voice. From now on whenever you write, share it with colleagues and talk about it – that way your personality will come to life!

Whose online personality do you love?