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Website design & Development

Project Description

USi is an initiative of major UK and Irish trade unions, and is supported by unions in Brazil, Greece, Austria, North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia that aims to build grassroots international union solidarity using the latest technology.

USi were looking to completely overhaul their website, in order to provide a more engaging and inspiring user experience and incorporating several new content feeds. There was a strong focus on increasing reach and engagement.

Our Solution

We worked with the team at USi to build a clear and concise structure and categorisation system to effectively organise and showcase key content, using strong visual cues to promote key content and drive user interaction. With a number of new content partners merging into one site, it was essential that the content was accommodated in a consistent, yet flexible way, to allow different content types to be fully integrated into the one publishing platform.

USi are a trusted source of union related information, for a global audience. Effectively communicating their status and reputation was a key design consideration.

Inspiring action

One of the key objectives of USi is to inspire and motivate people to take action. With that goal in mind, it was crucial that the website made the best use of imagery and video content, alongside clear and effective calls to action and social sharing functionality to ensure it was as easy as possible for people to spread the word.

Making content easily findable

We developed a taxonomy and information architecture to help make content easily findable. A full filtering system based on content tags allows users to drill-down to specific, relevant content.

Prominent calls to action

Highly visible calls to action help to encourage users to engage with the organisation either by getting involved in conversations about key causes, subscribing for news updates or making a donation.

Modular design

We developed a fluid, modular design system that adapts seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop, ensuring there is a consistent user experience, that is high quality, unhindered by device limitations

We really enjoyed the process of working with Post Creative. Rather than just giving a brief and waiting for the finished product, we worked together to build the best website possible for our organisation. We felt like part of the creative team, and the final product is far better than what we imagined at the beginning, because of this consultative process.

At every stage of the development we worked closely with Post Creative, testing and refining until we were satisfied. This helped us to think through what we were trying to achieve with each element of the site, and to find the best possible solution..

Walton Pantland

Operations Manager, Union Solidarity International

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