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When it comes to connecting with your customers or service users it doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a blog, social media updates or website copy – you have to know your audience.

Everyday we are bombarded with information. We have become very efficient at switching off white noise, learning to distrust broadcasts, sales messages and feeling exhausted by emotive pleas.

As human beings we crave connection. We know our mission and the change we want make but to have any impact, we need to write so it matters.

Watch Brené Brown’s Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability, trust and human connection for inspiration.

Go with what you know

Do you have a friend or colleague who gives you a real ‘lift’ when you talk to them? Someone who always remembers what is going on in your life, who takes a real interest in what is happening with you, instead of talking about themselves?

Why does this experience have such an impact? Because the personal attention makes us feel ‘heard’ and most importantly that we matter.

Connection is a driving force, understanding how it works can help you create communications and build a community that will invest time and energy helping you achieve your aims.

Make a start

  1. Get a blank page – on or off line
  2. Tap into the persona of that friend, or colleague – the one that always focuses their attention on you
  3. Forget what you are trying to sell or promote, this should make up no more than a quarter of your message
  4. Start writing, reading what you have written out loud (it does help!)
  5. Refine, refine, refine

Adopting this approach will allow your communications to do the work for you, generating positive impact, and over time creating a strong brand.

Who or what brands give you lift?