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Your website gives the first impression of your organisation online. How do you ensure your website give the right impression? The answer is, with good design.

Website Design Infographic

We all know what visiting a boring site with no colour, busy layout or loads of pop ups feels like. Eugh! With 88% of users less likely to return after a bad experience, you can’t afford to ignore website design. In trying to communicate what makes good design this infographic from Inspired Mag highlights statistics that really drum it home.


Working with the Statistics

From the infographic here’s nine design related statistics:

  1. You have 10 seconds to leave that all important impression and tell visitors what they’ll get from your website and ultimately your organisation. After 10 seconds of not (if not before) users will leave. (NN Group) This make planning your site and content very important – enlist a website design company that understands your product and has a portfolio of sites you like.
  2. Users only read slightly more than a quarter (28%) of the content they see on a web page. (NN Group) With less than a third of the content on you site being read, filter your content down to key messages that users understand. If you don’t have anyone responsible for copywriting in your organisation, employ a copywriter – it’s always money well spent.
  3. 40% of users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. (Consultancy) We all know that time is precious and a well designed site simply shouldn’t take time to load.
  4. 70% looked at content with bullet points compared to 55% without. (NN Group) Lists work, adopt this format on you website so that you give users what they are looking for faster.
  5. Most users scan websites in an F shape. (NN Group) Use this fact to think about the most important information and where is appears.
  6. Once your page loads, users form an opinion in 0.05 seconds. (Kinesis Inc.) Another speed statistic that makes the layout and design of your site crucial.
  7. Users prefer content in a visual format, which explains why online content video views have finally topped 50 billion views each month. (Clickz) The type of content you produce is important. A content plan will help you determine the types of content that work for your organisation as well as ensuring you have the functuality to upload the types of content you need.
  8. Dark colors are better than light colors for more traffic, page views, bounce rate and average time on site. (Visually) If your organisation has brand guidelines these can be applied to your site with further palettes helping organise the content.
  9. 88% of users are less likely to return if they had a bad user experience. (Consultancy) Bad experiences are often be shared more that good ones so if you don’t invest in your site be prepared to lose customers and clients.

In summary your website does need to look good to make a good impression and that comes down to design. As a social enterprise or not for profit the messages want to get out are powerful. Use your website needs to convey quality and professionalism. Organise your layout, use appealing colours and utilise text that is easy to read.

What websites draw you back time after time?