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Do you write a newsletter for your organisation that’s become a chore to write?

Here are some tips to get your newsletter writing mojo back:

  1. Where do you write your newsletter? Is it quiet and creative?
    Why not try finding a new spot where you can relax and write. We can’t all afford cafes but Bring Your Own (BYO) tea / coffee and find a space you can call your own for an hour or so.
  2. What do you write your newsletter on?
    Some people like to write on screen and some on paper. If your usual method isn’t working for you try the other option. Change is good.
  3. What do you write about?
    What makes your newsletter read over the other twenty sat in the inbox? Knowing your audience is key but providing something that adds value such as tips or advice will go down much better than a list of offers.
  4. Read your newsletter out loud
    This is the best tip EVER. When you read your own copy out loud you will enhance your copy in more ways than one by spotting typos, changing structure and chopping out words.
  5. Share your newsletter
    It can be a bit daunting sharing something that you’re not sure is quite there yet but feedback can very helpful in highlighting how your copy is interpreted.

Here’s to feeling the love for news day.

Whose newsletter do you always read?