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Most people squirm at the thought of having to talk about themselves (or their business) but it doesn’t have to be stressful at all. The key is to behave just like you would when you meet someone in real life. The about us page seems like it’s a one way conversations but it is still possible to put the focus on your audience whilst letting them know what you are all about. Here’s a few key points to hit in order to let your visitors see the real you.

Be human

Imagine for a moment that you are sat next to someone at a dinner party and they turn to you and ask you about your business. Now imagine you hit them with a combination of marketing talk, technical jargon and hyperbole. Can you see their eyes glazing over? No one want to hear that at a dinner party and no one wants to read it on a website either.

The best approach is to keep your about page conversational and jargon free. Focus on the value you deliver rather than the features of your products or services.

Tell us about the problem you are solving – lead with your vision

Before you start to talk about what type of organisation you are or when you were incorporated or even what awards you might have won, begin with a paragraph that is less ‘about us’ and more ‘about what we can do for you’.

Describe the impact you have made

Have you already made some progress with your vision. If you have some stats you can use to show your impact bring them up, but keep it short and sweet.

Etsy have a mission to build ” a human, authentic and community-centric global and local marketplace”. On their about us page they use some key numbers to show us that they are well established and making great strides in their mission. This kind of information helps visitors see you as a credible, sustainable and trustworthy organisation.

Impact stats from Etsy

Don’t have anything to brag about yet? Let your customers do it for you

Not everyone has fancy stats to share but don’t worry that’s not the only way that you can show your visitors that you can deliver value to your customers. If you haven’t asked your previous customers for testimonials yet then this is the time to do it, and if you have, adding a few of them to your about page will really help your potential customers see you through the eyes of your success stories.

Everyone loves an origin story

Start at your humble beginnings and take us through the milestones that brought you to where you are today. This content could be a simple paragraph if your business is fairly new or you could create a timeline to show the important events in your business development. What every approach works for you remember that visitors have short attention spans – too much detail and you’ll loose them.

Timeline from

Who are you?

We are trying to make a human connection with our audience so it’s nice to let them know who’s behind the business. You have a few options here and it really depends on the size of your organisation. At the very least you want to include a photograph and bio about the founder or CEO to give your business a human face. If you are a larger business you might what to include images and short bios for senior management or the full team.

Are there people outside of your team you might want to include here? If you have a significant partner, especially one that has an established reputation, it would be useful to draw attention to this connection. You can do this by simply displaying some partner logos or by writing a little about how you work with your partner to deliver value to your customers.

They say it’s not what you do but  how you do it that counts…

It’s not always easy to communicate your values without sounding like you are just picking nice words out of the air. On the other hand sharing your values can be really powerful if they align with the rest of the content on your about page. You have talked about your vision and shared some evidence of your impact, you’ve even told your origin story… values are the how you did it. They describe the culture you’ve created that has allowed you to make your vision a reality.

Example value from Etsy

Briefly introduce your products or services

This isn’t a page to go into great detail on your services but a short overview with a link out to a more detailed page will keep your visitors moving through your website in a way that will help you achieve your goals. Here’s a great example from Acumen:

Acumen what we do section

Other content you might consider

This articles covers the main sections you want to add to your about page. If you are just starting you might cover this in a few paragraphs with some nice images. As you expand you might want to spread this information out over a few pages and add them as subpages under the about us heading. If you’ve reached this stage here are a few other things you might want to include in that menu:

  • FAQs
  • Privacy policy & terms and conditions
  • Press page
  • A ‘working with us’ page for job or voluntary vacancies


Don’t forget to keep it human.