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Your website is your online shop window so you need to be thinking about what’s on display all the time. Website management can be something that easily slips off the list.

Not sure how to manage your website?

Five tips to help you

  1. Is your branding clear and consistent on your website?
    Never underestimate the power of your brand – it is everything. You website should emulate the organisation’s personality, build trust and grow your audience.
  2. Are the products on display relevant i.e. are your website offers clear and attractive?
    Things change all the time, so it’s important that your offers are continually enhanced and updated. Fuelled with feedback from your clients this helps keep you focused and relevant.
  3. Are the price tags correct on your website i.e. do you have a pricing strategy?
    A pricing strategy that’s reviewed on a regular basis allows you to respond to increases that are being felt elsewhere and ensures that everyone charges the same price.
  4. Does the window need a spring clean i.e. is your website responsive?
    One of our specialised subjects – your digital strategy needs to ensure that you site is continually evolving.
  5. Do the mannequins need a refresh i.e. is your team page up to date?
    Time flies when you’re having fun or when you’re busy as the case may be! It’s good practise to set calendar reminders to trawl your site regularly to ensure that everything is up to date. People buy people so your About / Team page is important.

Which shop windows do you look at for inspiration?