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We worked with CMAL to redevelop there existing website and bring it  up to date with current accessibility guidelines.

We began the project with a full accessibility and usability audit of the existing site. We found that the volume of information had grown so much in the years since it’s last design that the structure needed to be reviewed and simplified to make it easier for CMAL’s stakeholders to find what they needed with ease. We introduces a set of taxonomies for classifying content so that we could easily relate different types of content to each other, so for example when looking at a harbour profile visitors can now see news or harbour updates related to that harbour without having to visit the news section.

The new website is now fully responsive and accessible from any device size. This was key to helping Mariners, one of CMAL’S key website users, view Notices to Mariners whilst on their vessels.

Key features:

  • Responsive website design and development
  • Information architecture review
  • Multilingual (site content is available in Gaelic)
  • Profiles of all CMAL’s ferries and the harbours they manage
  • News and Notices to Mariners
  • Online payment system for Harbour dues
  • Newsletter subscription
  • WordPress CMS.