Post Project Questionnaire


Following the launch of your new website, we would love to share it with the sector. We have pulled together a couple of questions to get you thinking. Many thanks in advance for your time.

Some questions for you

15 + 7 =

What you can do to promote your site

Once you are live and happy with your content, it’s time to start talking about it!

  1. If you are on social media, create posts and updates linking to  your site.
  2. Like Post Creative in Facebook and follow us on Twitter – that way we can keep up to date. We’re are always up for spreading social good so feel free to mention us and we’ll retweet, like and share.
  3. Facebook reviews are a great way for other social organisations within the sector to make choices about the suppliers they choose so we actively encourage you to review Post Creative.
  4. We often promote new sites in the Post Creative newsletter. So we’ll be in touch!